Workshop Day1 with Hirono residents and more : 広野町民の皆さんとアーティストのワークショップを行いました











Today we held a workshop with two invited artists and residents of the Hirono.

After Ms. Baldow talked about the various artist-in-residence experiences she had, we exchanged photos she had taken in Iceland with various items brought by the participants, and at the end we ate together a Dusseldorf-style Stollen that Ms. Baldau had brought all the way from Germany.

Incidentally, it is a secret between us that the casters on Baldow’s suitcase broke because the stollen and the photos were too heavy, and she had to rush out and buy a used suitcase at Treasure Factory Wakabadai LOL.

At Minori Aoki’s workshop, townspeople shared their memories related to the sea. Some people shared their memories of the earthquake tsunami.

At the reception held at Hatago Inn Fukushima Hirono, two artists talked about their experiences as artists-in-residence.

Ms. Baldow told us about a month she spent in Lithuania in a small hut built by monk in the forest with no electricity, running water, or Wi-Fi. The only food she had was mushrooms and berries that she gathered on their own. When asked how they were bathing, Baldow showed us a small sauna in the hut: !!!!!!!!

She said she was in the sauna every day, so it was in good shape every day.

Some people came all the way from Sendai and Tokyo to attend this workshop. Everyone said they had a great time.

Tomorrow, the workshop will be held at Futaba Mirai Gakuen.