FINALISTS (alphabetical order)

All finalists are extremely incredible artists and we feel it is a miracle that we had so many great artists apply TORIGOYA project 2023.

Once again, thank you!






INVITED Minori Aoki (Yamagata, Japan) san 青木みのりさん(山形市)

Artist Statement

I grew up at the foot of the mountains and had a variety of feelings about the mountains (or nature). The mountains behind my house loomed like a wall, denying communication with the world outside. In fact, the arrival of goods and information was much slower than in urban areas, and the environment had a strong sense of entrapment. In winter, snow covered the land, making it difficult to go out freely. It sounds good to say that it was rich in nature, but it was a daily life with such hardship.

These experiences led me to create 2D works as an artist on the themes of unreasonableness, violence, and disaster in the mountains and in the nature. I have been trying to depict two contradictory elements, “the threat of nature” and “the beauty of the threat of nature”, on one screen.

Speaking from my own experience, snow is indeed a threat to life and brings “harm”. However, I still think the sight of snowfall is beautiful. And also, snow made some part of our culture ( cuisine and festivals). Without the “threat” of the mountains and nature, there would be no rich culture in my home town. As long as we live in this mountainious country, we must not only cherish the beauty of the mountains – or nature – but we must face and overcome the threats. I tnink. (Translated by committee)


2016 MFA, Tohoku University of Art & Design

2014 BFA, Tohoku University of Art & Design

INVITED Nadine Baldow (Berlin, Germany) san ナディン・バルドウさん(ベルリン)


2018 Fine Arts Studies with Prof. Eberhard Bosslet (DIPLOMA & MEISTERSCHÜLER) / Academy of Fine Arts Dresden

2014 Fine Arts Studies with Prof. Carl Emanuel Wolff / Academy of Fine Arts Dresden

2013 Apprenticeship ‚sculpture woodcarving‘ with Michael von Brentano (APPRENTICESHIP DIPLOMA) / Schulen für Holz und Gestaltung/Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Masaru Iwai (Tokyo, Japan) san 岩井優さん(東京)

2009 Ph.D Tokyo University of Arts

Sandra Nakamura (Lima, Peru) san サンドラ・ナカムラさん(リマ)

2008 MFA Bauhaus Universität Weimar

2003 BA in Visual Arts, University of California San Diego

Francesco Pellegrino (Florence, Italy) san  フランチェスコ・ペレグリーノさん(フィレンツェ)

2011 – Master degree in Music and New Technology. Conservatory of Florence
2008 – Bachelor degree in Music and New Technology. Conservatory of Florence

Iwona Rozbiewska (Dąbrówka, Poland) san イオナ・ロズビエウスカさん(ダブロウカ)

2020 Doctor of Arts in the field of Arts, Academy of Art in Szczecin
2017 Diploma in Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts in Munich
2013 MA in Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
2011 BA in Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
2006 M.A. in Political Science, University of Warsaw