Checklist for Applicants



Incomplete applications will be disqualified immediately!

CV including artist statement in PDF under 5MB

CV should be written in list form.
The artist who send CV in text format will be immediately disqualified.

  • Be sure to include your biography, place of residence, nationality, e-mail address, artist statement, educational background, exhibition history, Your SNS accounts, awards and residencies in your CV. Please be sure to list your exhibition history by year, separating solo/duo exhibitions from group exhibitions.
  • Your date of birth, gender, or gender identity is not required.
  • For awards, please list only those in which you won first place. Do not list “finalist” or “honorable mention” in your CV.

Artists without proposal are also immediately disqualified!

A proposal is a document that explains WHAT you WILL create when you come to Hirono, and WHY you came up with it.

A proposal that merely intend to show a piece of work you have previously created will disqualify you!

Don’t Send JPGs and DOCs! We only accept PDFs!!!!!

Don’t send files other than PDFs!

We will not read portfolios, proposals or CVs sent as non-PDF files.

Why are we so strict?

We are looking for artists who are willing to collaborate with residents in Hirono to create great works of art.

Artist-in-residence and socially-engaged art production in a foreign country is a complex project, so it is important for us whether or not you can read the instructions and produce the correct documentation.

We are also looking for artists who have a high potential for success as contemporary artists in the future.

Again, the ability to accurately understand the documentation and produce what is required is very important not only for us but you. We sincerely wish you success as an artist.

Best Regards