This level of schedule is enough. / スケジュールはこの程度の粗さで大丈夫!


Dear Artists

We are very pleased to see that more and more applications are meeting our regulations.

-CV should be written in list form.
-The artist who send CV in text format will be immediately disqualified.
-Artists without proposal are also immediately disqualified!
-Don’t Send JPGs and DOCs! We only accept PDFs!!!!!

We sincerely hope that fewer and fewer artists will be disqualified due to incomplete forms.

Now, since you asked about how to write the schedule on the proposal form, here is an example.

Dec. 11-20 Fieldwork
Dec 21-25 Team building
Dec 25 Christmas party at the studio
Dec 26-31 Installation
Jan 1-5 Fieldwork
January 6-8 Torigoya Event
January 9 Cleaning the site

This level of schedule is enough.

Have a good day. May peace be upon you all.