Q&A of October 8


October 10 Updated

Q: Can two people stay in a single bed room?

A: Totally impossible.

If you apply and are invited as duo, the procedure is as follows.

You can either upgrade to a twin or double room at the Hatago Inn, rent another single room at the Hatago Inn, or secure lodging on your own somewhere other than the Hatago Inn. It is cold in Hirono in December, so camping in the field is not recommended.

If you wish to upgrade your room at Hatago Inn, you are requested to give the necessary difference to the committee in advance, and the committee will upgrade your room.

If you rent a single room separately or stay somewhere other than the Hago Inn, the committee will not be involved in any way.

Q: Can the 100,000 yen in provisional payments for various expenses be allocated to travel and production costs?

A: If the Hirono people like your proposal and really want to invite you, some adjustments can be made by committee.

Q: Do you mean that the portfolio, CV and proposal are each separate pdf files and no larger than 5 MB?

A: Yes. The artist statement should be combined with the CV.

Q: Can I bring my family along?

A: We don’t mind. The Committee can only cover the cost of a single room, but if you upgrade to a twin or triple at your own expense, it is not a problem.

Q:  Give me information about the methods of writing a proposal.

A: Read this link