To Avoid Sexual Harassment





Sexual harassment is unacceptable in any setting, but especially in the world of contemporary art, sexual harassment is viewed with extreme severity. We would like to ask for your understanding of the following various points and would like to ensure that everyone involved in the Hirono Town TORIGOYA Artist-in-Residence Program is thoroughly aware of the importance of preventing sexual harassment.

  • Sexual harassment will always be discovered. Please consider that there is zero chance of being able to hide it.
  • When sexual harassment is discovered, there is nothing you can do except take immediate and strict action on it.
  • The attitude of “there is no need to make a fuss about this” adds fuel to the fire.
  • Sexual harassment, especially in the contemporary art world, can lead directly to online huge uproar.
  • Sexual harassment causes irreparable damage to Hirono Town’s reputation.

This kind of behavior constitutes sexual harassment

 Sexual harassment often occurs when someone pretends not to mind at the time, but later claims that he or she was uncomfortable. The following behaviors should be avoided at all costs. What may not be sexual harassment within a close circle of friends may be sexual harassment to an outsider. (I’ve underlined some of the things that I might do, especially if I did them inadvertently.)

 “I didn’t realize the artist didn’t like it because he was smiling at the moment” is not an acceptable excuse.

 It is also sexual harassment even if the artist is male.

  • Touching artist’s body
  • Asking if the artist have lover
  • Asks the artist about his/her/their sexual experience and its content
  • Asks about sexual orientation (homosexual, heterosexual, etc.)
  • Talking to a third party about the artist’s sexual orientation
  • Talking about sexual topics during a mundane conversation
  • Showing extremely revealing pictures (e.g., photos or illustrations of people wearing swimsuits or miniskirts or underwear)
  • Sending messages that contain sexual content
  • Pestering the artist to go out for drinks or on a date

If you see sexual harassment, please contact us immediately at the following email address.




  • セクハラは絶対に発覚します。隠しきれる可能性はゼロだと考えてください。
  • セクハラが発覚した場合、直ちに厳正な処置を取らなければ傷口は更に広がります。「これくらいで騒がなくても」という態度が火に油を注ぎます。
  • 特に現代アートの世界では、セクハラはインターネット炎上に直結します。セクハラで炎上した場合、広野町というブランドに回復不可能な損害が発生します。





  • 体に触る
  • 恋人の有無を尋ねる
  • 性経験の有無や内容を尋ねる
  • 性的志向を尋ねる(同性愛か、異性愛かなど)
  • アーティストの性的志向について第三者に話す
  • 会話の最中に下ネタを話す
  • 極端に露出度の高い図画(水着やミニスカートや下着を着用した人物の写真、イラストなど)を見せる
  • 性的な内容を含むメッセージを送り付ける
  • しつこく飲み会やデートに誘う