More than half of the artists have been disqualified so far due to incomplete forms in this open call. Incomplete applications will be disqualified immediately, and we never want to do so!

The first thing we do when we open the dossier is count the number of images in the portfolio. 19, 20, 21…Oh, I’m sorry, but you’re disqualified.

The next thing we check is whether the CV mentions solo exhibitions and group exhibitions separately.

So far, almost half of applicants have been disqualified with those two major errors. But this is ours, i.e., your business and ours. It’s business, so let’s be faithfully and precise. We are committed to the success of both you and us.

(We cannot respond to inquiries as to whether your documentation was adequate. We recommend that you carefully review the regulations again if you have any concerns.)

If you want to resend your application after reviewing the checklist below, feel free to send us a new one before the deadline.

– CV should be written in list form. Don’t write as your life-story.

– Document without artist statement will be immediately disqualified.

– List solo and group exhibitions separately in your CV

– Sending a portfolio with more than 21 images will result in immediate disqualification.

-Artists without proposal are also immediately disqualified!

-Don’t Send JPGs and DOCs! We only accept 3 PDFs!!!!!