Artist in Residence 2023-2024












Nadine Baldow and Minori Aoki will stay in Hirono as invited artists!

Nadine Baldow and Minori Aoki, selected from more than 400 submissions from home and abroad by an open screening by Hirono residents, will stay at the Hirono Miraikan from 11 December until mid-January next year to create their work based on the motif of the ‘torikoya’, a traditional small New Year event on Hamadori in Fukushima Prefecture.

Nadine Baldow was born in Dresden in 1990 and lives in Berlin, where she studied under Carl Emanuel Wolff and Eberhard Bosslet at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden after completing an apprenticeship as a woodworker. 2018 she was awarded the Meisterschueler, one of the highest art degrees in Germany.

She has exhibited and produced work in 15 countries. The theme of her work is the ‘Anthropocene’, in which she presents sculptures that question the impact of man on nature and the impact of nature on man, respectively.

Minori Aoki graduated from Tohoku University of Art & Design with Master’s degree and worked as an assistant at the same university. The theme of her work is ‘The threat of nature and its beauty’.

About their plan

This time, while interviewing researchers and local residents about the history, culture and nature of Hirono, especially the situation from the Great East Japan Earthquake to the present day, Baldow will create a site-specific sculpture combining objects she has collected in the area. She has been created this kind of sculptures in Ireland, Lithuania and Iceland.

Minori Aoki will also collaborate with local residents to create a site-specific soft sculpture that superimposes with the Yahahaero, a small New Year festival in her hometown of Nagai, Yamagata Prefecture, and torigoya in Hirono.

Anyone is welcome to watch the production, talk to the artists and participate in the production at any time during the opening hours of the Hirono Miraikan, the venue for the studio and workshops.