How to involve the people of Hirono in your project


I am a performing artist, is it possible to get adults in Hirono to participate in my performance?

Japanese adults are generally reluctant to engage in performing arts other than karaoke, so I don’t think you should expect too much, but in the end it depends on the artist’s communication. I cannot say anything definite.

Is it possible to have children from Hirono perform in my project?

As for the young people, it will be a matter of whether you can get school teachers on your side or not. We support artists, but finally it depends on artist’s ability to make huge wave in the town.

In any case, the judges are the residents of Hirono (including the children), so if they see your plan and think it is interesting and feasible, you will be invited!

How can I make contact with people in Hirono?

Studio is located in the community center in the center of town. And children from elementary through high school visit there every day.

Next door is the middle school, across the highway is the town gymnasium, and up the hill from there is the kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school!

The studio also houses the town’s Board of Education office.

If artists are proactive in their communication, they will have access to all the people in town.

The committee also supports the artists.

However, the artist must be thoroughly active. The people of Hirono and the committee do not know what the artists need. Also, Japanese are generally not good at speaking and hearing English (reading English is not that bad). Keep it in your mind. When you speak English, keep slow, simple, and smile.

All we can say is that active communication from the artist’s side is most important.

The culture of the country or region you grew up in and the culture of Japan must be completely different.

What you think is normal is not normal in Japan.

The only way to understand and overcome the differences is to pile up smiles and communication.