Q&A / October 9


Can potters apply?

Of course. However, there does not seem to be a kiln in Hirono Town, so if you want to do firing during your stay, you will have to go to the neighboring city of Iwaki to rent a kiln.

If you want to complete your ceramic work during your stay, how about firing earthenware in the field? Many earthenware vessels dating back thousands of years have been excavated in Hirono Town.

Alternatively, you can concentrate on making site-specific works during your stay and complete your ceramic artwork at home and send it to Hirono at a later date (deadline Feb 28).

It costs about 200,000 yen to go to Hirono from the other side of the earth, can you manage that?

If you already have a remarkable record track as a contemporary artist and your proposal is highly regarded, we might be able to work something out!

I am a stage director. Is it possible to create a performance with the people of Hirono during my stay?

We would appreciate such a project. However, it is basically the role of the artist to involve the people of Hirono (including children). A contemporary art performance does not require as much precision and perfection as theater, so we encourage you to give it a try.

Do the two invited artists have to work together?

No, they don’t have to work together. We, including the committee members, will have a meeting once a week to share the current situation, but in principle, artists will work separately.

Of course, collaboration is welcome, but that cannot be written in the proposal, can it?