6 Finalists of TORIGOYA project 2023-24 contacted.


Usually these announcements begin with the words, “We are very excited,” but we are not in such a good mood. Because this must be unfortunate news for the majority of the wonderful artists who applied to the TORIGOYA project 2023-2024.

We have just contacted the six finalists by e-mail just now.

Due to regulations, we cannot disclose their names yet. Only the initials are disclosed today.

N. B from Germany
I. R from Poland
S. N from Peru
F. P from Italy

M. I from Japan
M. A from Japan

We sincerely appreciate your application.

We are very proud of the countless wonderful portfolios and proposals we received from those who were not selected as finalists.

Perhaps the TORIGOYA project will continue next year on an even larger scale.

We are discussing if we can do something other than December.

We may be able to reach out to you at that time via e-mails.

With thousands of thanks

Hirono International Artist in Residence TORIGOYA project Committee