Project Update, Jan 5, 2023 : 1月5日の鳥小屋プロジェクト


Dance around the installation



Nadine was in the field putting the final touches on the installation, and she said that today I will focus on the work that it might look like I am dancing around it, but please don’t mind.

Today, another teacher from university in central Tokyo (Ochanomizu) came to observe the artist-in-residence program.

Minori is ready for the night




Minori Aoki’s studio looks like an agricultural cooperative. The white stuff is cotton harvested in Hirono Town.

Today, she purchased lights for night work.

Also, graduate students from Kyoto University of Arts came to support us today.

Burning Man is in the USA, Wickerman is in UK, So The Burining Birds Art Festival will be here.


Donation of the burnable items for the bonfire. Thank you very much.

Jason Statham in Hirono


“I’m Jason Statham of Hirono,” he muttered to himself as he headed to the Minori’s site.