You can go and see other towns アーティストが広野を一時的に離れることも歓迎


The Hirono International Artist-in-Residence Program aims to renew Hirono’s traditional culture with contemporary art, and we believe it is very important for the invited artists to come into contact with and learn about all things Japanese.

Therefore, we also encourage the invited artists to leave Hirono temporarily for excursions to other cities during their stay, such as Mito or Iwaki, or to Ueno in Tokyo to visit the National Museum, the Museum of Western Art, the Science Museum, or the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music Museum, or to Akihabara or Asakusa to experience Japanese popular culture.

For example, you can stay in Hirono from December 12 to December 31 (19 days), then stay at your own expense in another Japanese city until January 3, and stay in Hirono from January 4 to January 15 (11 days).

Or off course you can depart Hirono in the morning and back to Hirono at night.