Artist Minori Aoki leaves Hirono. But…. 青木みのりさんが広野町を出発しました。







Hirono International Artist-in-Residence 2023-24 artist Minori Aoki left Hirono Town and returned to Yamagata City. When checking out of her hotel, Minori had a large tote bag filled to bursting with sweets in her left hand. She said that all of them were brought to her by the residents of Hirono Town.

After that, she went to the town hall to say good bye to the Reconstruction Planning Division staff and then to “Plat-at” to pick up her painting.

At “Plat-atto,” Minori interacted with local residents as if she were also a resident of Hirono Town.

During her one-month stay in Hirono, she made acquaintances all over the town.

When Minori Aoki left Hirono, she said, “I’ll probably come back next month.
I will bring my college juniors with me then!”

We are looking forward to seeing you.