Q & A, October 13


How Can I make relationship with Children in Hirono?

Children of all ages, from elementary to high school, live in Hirono, and it is up to the artists themselves to build relationships with them.

To put it another way, unless the artists are actively involved, they will not be able to create relationships with the children.

The studio is located in a community center where elementary to high school students gather daily, so the artists will be able to make more and more friends there and launch projects.

Of course, the committee and the people of Hirono will help, but artist must move first.

Is there a designated place to install site-specific works?

The artist should decide where to create the site-specific work, and then get permission from the landowner. This is the same as above, the artist first makes the move, and we support the artist.

Should I put in my proposal about working with children?

Jointly with children is a must.

And It is up to the artist to decide how to create a relationship with the children, but I think you should better have a rough plan written down.

If we get invited as DUO, will there be travel costs support for two people?

It is best to assume that there will be no travel subsidy for your partner if you are selected as a duo, realistically speaking. The maximum amount is 100,000 yen for both of you.

Of course, IF your partner has an really extraordinary track record and name recognition, for example, 300,000 followers on Instagram! or 500,000 subscribers to his/her YouTube channel! The committee will think of something, but I can’t say for sure.